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 the aadhya healthcare HEARING experience

In Aadhya Healthcare the Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is just a click away. After consultation,  our team helps you in choosing the best treatment solutions for your problems. With a dedicated team of professionals we understand your health complaints and provide comprehensive treatment solutions including helping you find the best doctor, hospital, care provider that suits your financial needs. All this at a click of a button.

We  also provide online consultations and appointments with healthcare professionals which makes it easier for you to choose and consult with your preferred doctor. Patients are referred to some of the best hospitals in India and other countries for further treatment. We choose the best hospitals for you so that you do not have to go through the additional burden of researching the best care of you or your family members.  Get in touch with us and we will act swiftly to make sure you have the smoothest healthcare experience. Patients registered with us not only get the best doctors but also the best pricing.


For treatments related to tumors of the skull base or the cranial base

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For treatments related to ear, nose, throat, head & neck, snoring, voice & facial nerve related problems


For accurate diagnosis of hearing and balance problems

affiliated centers

We choose only the best, so you can get the best

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