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AHPL's Kalpa pharmacy

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AHPL's Kalpa Pharmacy in Koramangala is a one-stop destination for all your medicine needs! We offer regular medications, or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. We also offer a range of products in the personal care, baby care, health and nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle categories. Check us out at Koramangala 5th block! 

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pharmaceutical  Drug Distribution

Medicine Prescription

Aadhya Healthcare Private Limited is a licensed distributor for large corporate hospitals and medical establishments. We have been serving the Indian healthcare sector for over a decade now. Our contribution towards the Healthcare sector is widely recognized all over India and several other parts of Asia. All these years, Aadhya Healthcare could build a brand that prospects entrust their life upon.

Whether it is for yourself or your business, we have a network of wholesale and retail distribution to handle hassle-free delivery and supply of medications to you. All thanks to pharmaceutical companies like Cipla, Sanofi, and various other domestic and international brands collaborating with us for seamless facilitation.

Getting the right medications for the right price is the challenge faced by almost all patients. People spent a lot for their treatment and in most cases, reductions in this spending are inevitable or limited to a certain extent. However, Aadhya Healthcare being your service provider would lessen the burden off your shoulders from the cost incurred for the medications. Perhaps, our exciting offers and discounts would make our association even more delightful.

Also, it is equally important to get the medication that meets all the required standards. If you are capable of affording the medications, it is not always that you get the right one. There are certain parameters you need to consider before making the decision. At Aadhya Healthcare you have only prescribed post-evaluation processes. Firstly, our P&D Team, composed of doctors and healthcare professionals, understands your condition inside out. Then, they recommend the most appropriate medications that satisfy all of our quality standards as well as our customer's affordability.

Say, you could get medications that are of good quality and satisfactory pricing. But, what about availability? What if it isn't available at the most crucial time of need? Covid-19 had made us all witness the significance of the availability of drugs at the right time. Indeed, it is so disheartening to let go of our dear and near ones just because of the unavailability of such life-saving drugs. Our large network of drug suppliers, the first-hand dealership with prominent pharma companies, and in-house drug warehouse will ensure that we never run out of supplies even in the most challenging circumstances.

Aadhya Healthcare, being your service provider, assures you of a volatile intervention to your needs with superior quality and impressive pricing. With us you're not compromising anywhere!

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Diseases are something that are inevitable. You will come across one or the other sort of disease at some point of your life. Our healthcare industry has grown exponentially to treat almost any disease under the sun. In order to treat any disease, first, one must know what the disease is. Consultation with a doctor would do the job. However, for deeper understanding of your condition, you might need to undergo a diagnostic evaluation which is humanly impossible to evaluate without the help of technology.

Diagnostic department plays an important role in further determining the condition faced by the patient. To deliver the best possible treatment, evidently one must understand the condition. The quality of the report produced by the diagnostic department plays a vital role in the right diagnosis of the ailment. Inaccurate reports may lead to wrong interpretation of the disease which in turn influences the outcome of the treatment.

As per Bangalore Skull Base Institute’s report,” During the consultation, almost 90% of patients have been asked to repeat the scans taken elsewhere because of the deficiency of accurate information in the reports”.

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