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 aadhya healthcare HOSPITALIY

AHPL Hospitality is a subsidiary of Aadhya Healthcare Private Limited, extensively working to deliver excellent services in the field of the hospitality sector.  We bring you Kalpavriksha, a set of rooms and other amenities, situated at the heart of the most upscale neighborhood Koramangala, Bangalore. At Kalpavriksha we provide you with indelible stays with luxurious and spacious service apartments, state of the art conference room that can accommodate 100 people, and a Cafeteria that puts an end to your cravings. We undertake small and medium-sized events and meet your requirements end to end to make the event auspicious and memorable.

Luxury Rooms

Aadhya Hospitality offers you not just a luxurious place to stay but also 24/7 medical care that speed up your recuperation from any ailments. Our expert team of hospitality and medical care ensures that you are provided with all the right requisites which are as important as your primary treatment. People spend a lot on their loved one’s initial treatment/surgery but they often tend to compromise afterward. Nevertheless, the patient is said to be completely pulled through only if they fulfill the recommended recovery span with adequate medical assessments.

At Kalpavriksha, we offer you a set of rooms that re-define opulence, conveniently located at the heart of Bangalore's most upscale neighborhood of Koramangala. The rooms are all fully equipped with hospice facilities to meet any emergency situations. Adding to that, we have an in-house pharmacy with subsidized pricing for our prospects. And doctors next door make it easier on traveling, thus, hastening intervention in emergencies. Also, our staff nurses will be at your service round the clock. Therefore, you are also always on our watch!

Why choose AHPL Hospitality?

  • In-house pharmacy with subsidized pricing

  • 24/7 medical nurse available

  • In-house doctors

  • In-house healthy meals

  • Deluxe stays with all the amenities

  • Nearby hospitals

  • Ambulance service

  • Transportation service

  • Health screening


You heal better & faster with us!

Meeting room

Be it a business conference or a fun, joyous occasion. Our Banquet hall can accommodate all. Spacious and decked up with projector facilities, acoustic balance and other amenities, We can play host to your events. 

Children play area

We have a complete room dedicated to children's play! It is equipped with assorted toys, books, TV and a piano to suite different age groups of children!


Gorge on delicious food prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients and with care.

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