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Tissue Bank Project


A tissue bank is an establishment that collects and recovers human cadaver tissue for the purposes of medical research, education, and allograft transplantation. At Aadhya Healthcare, we are working towards establishing our very own tissue bank center through which we aim to forward the research projects undertaken with our medical partners Bangalore ENT Institute & Research Center, Kishore Chandra Prasad Research Foundation, and Bangalore Skull Base Institute. 

One of the primary motives for our foray into this project is enable medical institutions and research facilities with seamless access to human cadaveric tissue whether they use it to educate medical students on human anatomy, skin grafting, etc. or to further delve into the research projects undertaken by them. 


Doctor's Awards

Healthcare professionals put in their utmost care and dedication to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients that put their trust in them. At Aadhya Healthcare we encourage and promote deserving healthcare professionals and doctors for their endless efforts and contributions towards the healthcare community and its development. We acknowledge their success and celebrate their growth, showcasing the highest levels of excellence. 

Aadhya Healthcare is proud to announce the 'Doctor's Awards', an annual event that showcases the technological and educational advancements in the field of medicine and awards the exceptional individuals in this field whether it is in the field of medical education, research or contribution to society. The doctors who wish to apply for the Aadhya Healthcare Doctor's awards will register themselves by filling the online registration form on our website. The doctors who wish to apply will have to meet a certain minimum criteria to be considered as a viable choice for the awards. The doctors will be judged based on their performance through the year and will be awarded points for each task that they complete. At the end of the year, the points are calculated and the doctor with the highest points are awarded!

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ENT Library

ent library

Aadhya Healthcare is actively curating, managing and running a library dedicated to all things ENT. The library boasts of one of the best collections of both online and offline books, journals, articles, magazines and lectures on ENT Pathology, Skull Base Surgery, Audiology, Speech & Language Therapy and Radiology.

All material is carefully curated and managed by the in house librarian at Aadhya Healthcare Private Limited, Bangalore. We are currently in the process of expanding our physical library to include more relevant material. Contribute to our mission of spreading knowledge by donating your books to our library!

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