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The BEIRC team is brought together by the common goal of providing the best possible care and treatment to their patients with ENT disorders. BEIRC brings together a multidisciplinary team of ENT surgeons, Head & Neck Surgeons, Facial Plastic surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Radiotherapists, Chemotherapists, Speech & Language Pathologists and other support staff who provide innovative, individually tailored treatments for all types of ENT disorders.

Our healthcare professionals are trained in some of the best centers in the world.

The BEIRC team includes qualified, professional and experienced Otolaryngologists (ENT Surgeons), Head & Neck Surgeons, Neuro-radiologists, Neuro-anesthetists, Audiologists, Speech & Language Therapists, and support staff will ensure that that you get the most professional care provided by one of the best teams in India.


Bangalore Head & Neck Sciences is a comprehensive healthcare service provider located in the heart of Koramangala. It comprises multiple subspecialties (diagnostic and therapeutic) under one roof. BHNS consists of an elite group of doctors with vast experience in the healthcare sector aiming to provide overall management of head and neck ailments to improve the quality of life.

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Bangalore Hearing & Implant Institute (BHII) is a one-stop solution for all hearing problems in both adults and children. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible care both in diagnosis and treatment. The ENT diagnostic unit has innovative technologies that ensures patient comfort and care in all steps of the way. The Audiology department has an acoustically sound treated room for maximum accuracy. All equipment for audiometry, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, and electrophysiological assessment uses top quality instruments from leaders in audiometric instrumentation for accurate testing and diagnosis.

As a multi-disciplinary setup, BHII is able to perform a complete and comprehensive assessment for candidacy of various hearing implants as well as the pre-surgical baseline assessments. As post-surgical management, the unit performs CI mapping, and periodic speech perception tests along with regular therapy sessions to assess unilateral CI progress and/or bilateral CI candidacy, as warranted). Our audiologists are well trained and experienced in hearing aid programming to give you the best hearing experience with all types of devices.

Bangalore Skull Base Institute is one of the nation's first center dedicated to Skull Base Surgery. BSBI physicians have led in the field in the treatment of Skull Base pathologies, training the newer generations of  ENT & Neurosurgeons to learn Skull Base Surgery. Our center has performed hundreds of skull base surgeries and it involves a multi-specialty team including a skull base surgeon, neuro-radiologist, neuro anesthetists, and head and neck surgeon. Our dedicated intensive care unit (ICU) offers 24/7 specialty care inside one of the nation's best hospitals.

BSBI is passionately committed to advancing the field of Skull Base Surgery through innovation, research, and education. We integrate advanced technology with personalized care, resulting in a patient experience designed for healing. With state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the highest standards of scientific excellence, BSBI is dedicated to restoring and improving human life while maintaining uncompromising values of quality, compassion, ethics, and integrity. 

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Bangalore Head & Neck Oncology Institute caters to patients with tumors in the head and neck region. The team at BHNOI has over 30 years of experience treating oral and oropharyngeal tumors, laryngeal tumors, salivary gland tumors, thyroid tumors, and paranasal sinus tumors. 


BHNOI has the largest series of gastric transposition surgeries for hypopharyngeal malignancies with a very high success rate in India

Bangalore Facial Plastic & Cosmetology Institute caters to patients with congenital or acquired disorders related to facial appearance. The team at BFPCI is highly skilled in pinna reconstruction, rhinoplasty, eyelid procedures, facial reanimation, and cleft lip and palate surgeries. Apart from surgical expertise, the team is also skilled in Botox, fillers, and anti-aging solutions.

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Bangalore Dental Spa caters to patients with dental issues. Team BDS has dental surgeons from multiple specialties offering comprehensive treatment across the spectrum of dental ailments. Advanced treatment techniques are used to restore oral health.

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