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Aadhya Healthcare provides solutions across the entire healthcare spectrum. We works towards fulfilling the needs of patients, professionals, trainees and equipment providers.



Our team at Aadhya Healthcare helps patients choose the best treatment solutions for your health problems. All this at a click of a button. With a dedicated team of professionals we understand your health complaints and provide comprehensive treatment solutions including helping you find the best doctor, hospital, care provider that suits your financial needs. We provide online consultations and appointments with healthcare professionals which makes it easier for you to choose and consult with your preferred doctor. Get in touch with us and we will act swiftly to make sure you have the smoothest healthcare experience. Patients registered with us not only get the best doctors but also the best pricing.


When you register with us, you have access to our patient base and we help you get in touch with patients from near and far who need your expertise. We appreciate your expertise and we will make sure that maximum patients benefit from your skills. When a patient gets in touch with us, we refer them to the nearest competent expert or center for consultation or treatment which could be you. We choose the best team of doctors to be with us and you are welcome to join us if you fulfil our requirement criteria. 


We provide you a network that you would love to tap into. With a large patient and doctor base, we are the market that you need to expand your business. We welcome you to contact our healthcare providers during fixed time schedules to advertise your wares. A direct access to a potential online market will bring down the prices of your products which can this benefit be passed on to our customers. We always ensure the best for our customers and hence we maintain quality of the highest standards. You are welcome to join us if you fulfil our requirement criteria. 


Aadhya Healthcare is a tried and trusted company that hosts medical events across specialties. By registering into our network, you will make sure that you do not miss an event that you were waiting for. Our trainees are entitled to special discounts in registration fees in conferences or workshops organised by us. AHPL offers Clinical Fellowship and Observership Programs under its partner brand, Bangalore Skull Base Institute, on a yearly basis, promoting hands-on training. We also have a tissue bank for medical trainees to work on and hone their skills. We have tied up with the state-of-the-art Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center for all our hands-on tissue based training programmes.

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