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Digital apps

digital applications

App Screens

Aadhya Healthcare believes in adopting technology and making the best use of innovation and the sophistication it provides.  We are actively involved in creating digital platforms to enable seamless data management.


Surgical Automation


We believe, technology should be at the forefront of everything we do and optimum leverage would bear astounding results.  AHPL is pushing automation and adoption of technology in surgical procedures, thanks to our association with Eindhoven Robotics. We plan to bring in customized workstations and add Bot Assisted devices / equipments to your regular OR staff line-up..  

Profile Mngmt

Profile Management


A day in a doctor's life is hectic. Jam packed schedule with no room for anything other than your clinic/ hospital/ patients. You have no time to manage you and your brand. We at Aadhya Healthcare understand how valuable building your brand is. We provide end to end management of your Digital Brand Image, Media and Marketing so you can focus on saving lives.

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